QR Sharing App for Video booth 360


Application for viewing and receiving videos using QR codes without using the Internet or with a poor connection via WiFi router.


When you install QR Sharing App to your computer, it will allow you to view and download files from any device that are on the same network.

Guests scan a QR code to connect to your network, or connect manually by entering the network name and the password. Once connected to your network, they scan a QR with a link to the video that can be viewed and downloaded.

To work with QR Sharing App you need a Wi - Fi router. Guests will connect to it to download and view files. A second USB Wi - Fi adapter is used to connect to the router or network cable. If your laptop does not have a network cable connector, you can buy a USB - LAN adapter

Price: 200 $
  • Share files without the Internet
  • Works in local mode and on the web
  • Collecting phones, names, mail of downloaded guests
  • Customizable gallery and background image
  • Lifetime license