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  • Gopro Hero Black 8
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  • Gopro Hero Black 10

1. If you just bought a camera, then download the official application on your phone for GoPro
2. Connect the GoPro to the phone. Now wifi is activated, we don’t need any more application.
3. Disconnect the phone from the camera. Turn on wifi on the camera, connect the camera to the computer. GoPro will appear in your connections (where you connect to any wifi network).
4. Start working.

1. Download the official application on your phone for GoPro
2. Connect the GoPro to the phone and turn on the camera control.
3. Connect from the computer and disable the program on the phone.
These actions will have to be done every time you turn on the camera.

Here are the cards that are compatible

It will be enough 16-32gb.

Also i advice to format SD before event.

You will need second usb-wifi adapter or cable connection or 4g modem.

Check the Wi-fi frequency on the camera, if it is 5 Hz, change it to 2.4 GHz.
If everything works, then the wifi on the computer does not support the frequency of 5 Hz.

Windows x64: 8, 8.1, 10


Processor if Intel support is not enabled.
CPU compare
We look at the penultimate column of x264 Pass 1, the higher the numbers, the faster it works. Comfortable processors start from i7-6700hq and higher.
The best processor in terms of price-quality ratio now – i5-8300h

Yes, but you will need to get out the battery from camera an plug powerbank to work without battery.

It will help against overheating

According to my observations, the GoPro 7 Black is the least problematic (tested by many people) for a spiner. Although the rest 6, 7, 8 Black work fine. But 8 version need a phone every time to connect to PC.

Yes, you can plug in like this 12v 10ah.

The charge lasts for 8 hours.